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Wild boar driven hunt

in peninsula “Ostrets”

from October 1st

to February 28th

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Lake “Zhrebchevo”- “Merzhelik- Ganchev” with bases for intensive management of the game peninsula “Ostrets”- 100 ha for wild boar driven huntLake Zhrebchevo from top viewchurch St Ivan Rilsky

At the north-eastern part of the Balkan you could enjoy the magnificent view – the sunk church “St. Ivan Rilski” , which is the only one saved relic of village Zapalnia and village Zhrebchevo. The lake “Zhrebchevo” is situated on the river “Tundzha” near Nova Zagora town. It is called that by the sunk village Zhrebchevo.The lake is built 1959 – 1966 year.