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Wild boar driven hunt

in peninsula “Ostrets”

from October 1st

to February 28th

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Area “Sheshkingrad – Zapalnia” with bases for intensive management of the game “Iordanovi Livadki” – 50 ha – wild boar, mouflons, red deer, wild goat are being bredArea Sheshkingrad Balkan Hunting

 According to the voivoda`s Panayot Hitov legend for the protection of the fortress “Sheshkingrad”, Bulgarian forces heroically repulse the Turkish attack thanks to the unscalable height of the mountain fortress. In the bloody slaughter died one of the Shishman`s voivoda – Shishkin. Therefore the fortress is called that by his name “Sheshkingrad”. The native Turks saved the legend that in the terrible battle the Bulgarian forces have destroyed about 11 000 janissaries.