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Wild boar driven hunt

in peninsula “Ostrets”

from October 1st

to February 28th

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“Balkan hunting” conservation is created in 1966 by order of CK of BKP under the hunter specialists Zheleznia-Dimitrov’s professional guidance. In the territory of Tvarditsa town are concentrate one of the best conservation areas which manages about 21000 sq. spreaded from the cristal clear water of lake “Zhrebchevo” with an altitude of 230m above sea level and reaching the snowing peak Chumerna with an altude of 1450 m. Chumerna

2008 year the “Law for hunting and protection of the game” has been changed and the terms of conservation usage have been prolonged for more 15 years.
After 2010 “Balkan Hunting” has undersigned consensual contract to manage about 11000 ha, separated in 3 hunting areas: